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Projection Mapping, the next big thing

So the first time that I encountered video projection was in late the December of 2013 when I attended the New years celebrations  in London. I was taken  a back by the power that these visuals carried and had mesmerized the crowd for the night....strong animations coupled with bombastic music just made the experience unforgettable.

Memories of London revived when I witnessed the launch ceremony of Samsung S8 at Lahore's iconic Shahi Qila and LuckyOne Mall's grand affair of opening the 3rd largest mall in Asia. The man behind it all Mr Umar Toor of 3Di group made this all possible in Pakistan. The finesse with which these two launches had been integrated and promoted through projection mapping definitely deserves a big round of applause.

Like London's iconic Big Ben, 3Di group strategically chose Shahi Qila for the launch ceremony of Samsung S8. The historic building in itself is a puts one in awe and vivid visuals added to the beauty of the place like never before. The building came to life..presenting to the audience reminiscent of its history and the projections unfurled a beautiful future to the Lahorites.

At Lucky One the projections showcased an illusionist who spell bounded the audience by not only the wonder of his hands but also these 3D projections. The projections were crafted to make the audience experience the tiresome journey which lead to the construction of the Mall. The experience was truly one of its kind in the magnificent amphitheater of the Mall.

Its good to know that our advertising industry is progressing towards a brighter future. Although this idea is still in its infancy in countries like Pakistan but that time isn't far away when our projections will be as suave as those sitting in the developed nations of the world.Groups like 3Di will surely pave way towards refining this technology even more and couple it with improved a audio visual effects to create an experience that will be etched on the consumer's mind forever...!!


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